Metal finishing is a common process for polishing and reinforcing materials in a variety of industries. Some metal finishing methods utilize specific chemicals to provide surface finishing. From plating shops and manufacturing to large-scale foundries, this type of finishing occurs in many industries. Keep reading to learn more about the metal finishing processes and the common chemicals professionals use to complete them.

Different Types of Metal Finishing Processes

Industries use many types of metal finishing processes. Some of these methods include electroplating, powder coating, anodizing, electropolishing, grinding, sandblasting, and vibratory finishing. The metal finishing process promotes a thin coating on metal materials to help enhance their appearance and strengthen them against corrosion and wear and tear. Other methods utilize chemical materials to plate and finish the surface of the material. These are specialty chemicals that provide surface finishing to deliver aesthetic and functional benefits for metal surfaces.

Common Metal Finishing Chemicals

The main types of metal finishing chemicals are plating chemicals, cleaning chemicals, proprietary chemicals, and those used for conversion coating. Various industries and manufacturers use these chemicals to clean and finish metal parts through electroplating and additional treatment methods. Some of the most common chemicals for various metal finishing processes include:

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Examples of Metal Finishing Applications

The demand for metal finishing and the chemicals involved is growing throughout many industries. Some common industries that utilize metal finishing chemicals include aerospace, automotive, transportation, electronics, packaging, construction, and heavy equipment manufacturing, among many others. This process helps create stronger, more resistant surfaces that hold up against difficult conditions such as corrosion and daily wear and tear, which is useful in endless applications. Surface finishing helps provide a clean, polished surface for a wide variety of products in these industries.

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