Chemistry influences many more industries than the average consumer realizes. For example, did you know that chemistry plays a large role in the production and function of cars and other vehicles? Keep reading to discover how chemistry is used in the automotive industry and why it is so important to the vehicles we drive today.

Vehicle Fuel Efficiency and Function

A vehicle’s fuel efficiency is heavily dependent on its weight and the materials that go into making it. Chemically manufactured plastics and other innovative materials can help reduce a vehicle’s weight compared to traditional manufacturing materials made of heavier organic materials. Additionally, the fuel sources in many vehicles are based on chemical reactions, whether they run on gasoline, electricity, fuel cells, or diesel as a fuel source.

Automotive Safety Components

We couldn’t have safe vehicle components without chemicals. Vehicle safety components are often made from chemical-based materials such as polymers and plastics. For example, children’s safety seats come from polymer science advancements. Seatbelts are another common example of chemical-based materials, as they are manufactured from polyester fibers, which make them durable and strong. Even airbags rely on chemical reactions to rapidly release nitrogen so that they can reliably deploy during certain types of collisions.

Vehicle Design and Comfort

Finally, chemical-based materials are present everywhere in vehicle design and aesthetics. Everything from a car’s exterior paint to its cushioned seats are made thanks to polyurethanes and other chemical-based materials. High-durability plastics and polymers are used in vehicle exteriors to prevent damage during accidents and everyday mishaps that could normally cause scratches or dents. Even the seat cushions inside your vehicle and their upholstery come from polyester fibers and other manufactured materials to help your car’s interior be more durable and withstand years of travel.

These are just a few of the many ways chemistry can be used in the automotive industry. Whether you work in the automotive industry or other manufacturing branches, you can trust Post Apple Scientific if you’re looking for a chemical solvent supplier for applications such as these. Our supply shop provides utensils and chemicals for a variety of industries, including vehicle manufacturing and other types of commercial needs.