JC-4 Trainers Pre-Tape Spray – 6oz. Aerosol


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A safe taping base for sensitive skin conditions. Positive adhesion under severe physical strain or activity. Facilitates easier tape removal. Holds elastic wraps securely in place.

JC-4 Podiatry Pre-Tape is an effective protective film for sensitive skin conditions. It forms a dense, breathable barrier and separating medium between the strapping and the skin. The strapping will not loosen because of perspiration or extreme exertion and flexing when properly applied. The entire strapping may be removed more easily with less discomfort.

IMPORTANT … allow to dry thoroughly (30-60 seconds). Carefully apply under-wrap if used. Apply tape strapping in proper configuration for the desired application.

NOTE … under-wrap is not required except by preference.

INERT INGREDIENTS: A special solvent base with non-flammable Carbon Dioxide gas (CO2) as propellant.

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