Titration experiments are an important part of many chemical lab studies. This process helps you understand the chemicals and other solutions involved in your experiments. Use these tips and tricks to promote successful titration experiments in the future.

What Is Titration?

It’s important to understand the basics of titration in the first place if you want to have a successful experiment. Titration is a process that involves adding a solution of a known concentration (the titrant) to an unknown solution (the titrand). Various industries utilize this process to discover the concentration of an unknown solution, though it is especially common in chemistry and other lab science applications. As with any laboratory process, several factors can affect the success of titration, but using the following tips and tricks can help promote a more accurate process.

Standardize Your Titrant

After certain periods of time, your titrant can change in concentration. This change could lead to inaccurate readings during the titration process, which is why it’s important to standardize your titrant regularly. Develop a regular standardization process to ensure that your titration results are accurate based on your known solution. Some laboratories test their titrants on a weekly basis, though the necessary frequency can also depend on how often you use these solutions for titration. Make sure to note your last standardization test by keeping a log.

Use the Right pH Electrode

Technicians use pH electrodes to test solutions during the titration process. The type of pH electrode you use can influence the success of this process. For example, the best pH electrodes will respond rapidly to the smallest pH changes, allowing you to get an accurate recording of concentration changes. Even once you select your pH electrode, remember to calibrate it regularly and schedule maintenance when needed.

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