Have you ever heard of oxalic acid? It may be an ingredient in some of your go-to cleaning solutions and detergents. It has various chemical properties and a wide range of cleaning applications. Keep reading to learn more about oxalic acid and why it is often used as a cleaning agent.

Ability to Remove Stains

Oxalic acid is a common cleaning agent because of its stain-fighting abilities. Oxalic acid is incredibly effective at removing stains while preserving the base material. It is ideal for removing marks, stains, and rust from various surfaces. For example, oxalic acid can eat away at the rust on metal pipes, appliances, and other surfaces. Because it has similar properties to bleach, you can find it in a variety of cleaners and laundry detergents.

Use oxalic acid cautiously. In high concentrations, this substance can cause corrosive damage on some surfaces.

Sterilizing Industrial Equipment

Oxalic acid has a variety of commercial and household applications as a cleaning agent and detergent. It is also useful in industrial applications to sterilize heavy equipment. It can remove rust from metallic equipment and aid mineral processing mechanisms. As a detergent, it also has applications in cleaning and bleaching fabric in large-scale textile applications.

Emerging Uses in Medical Sterilization

You can use oxalic acid to clean and sterilize medical instruments. It even has uses in purifying and diluting certain chemicals. As a cleaning product, it can purify solutions and surfaces for medical experiments. However, this acid can negatively affect the body, which reduces its medical applications. Still, scientists are testing more medical applications of oxalic acid due to its effects.

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