PAS Funnels, Hazardous Materials Safety Funnel


The self-closing hazardous materials funnel is desighed for use in research labs, testing labs, teaching and clinical labs, and wherever hazardous materials and waste chemicals are processed. Its durable polypropylene construction permits the use of acids, bases, chloroform, and other common lab solvents, and most organics. Team up with our Hazardous CHemical Bottle Pourer (PAS-LE-D-310374 series) for the ultimate in hazardous chemical handling and disposal. The funnel also incorporates a filter system which allows the removal of any unwanted by-product (filter media, plant material, etc.). The funnel uses standard 10-cm filter paper making it convenient to use the filter option with a light vacuum. Available in standard 38 and 45mm thread sizes but additional sizes are available upon request.