As a leading supplier in the industry, our pre-tape is trusted by professionals worldwide. The reliable performance and easy application make it a go-to choice for a variety of settings. From industrial applications to the rigors of sports medicine, our pre-tape solution is designed to facilitate excellent adhesion and ensure user satisfaction.

Furthermore, we acknowledge that removal is just as crucial as application. Our adhesive remover chemical is gentle yet effective, taking care of residue without damaging the surface. This fine-tuned balance contributes to a hassle-free experience, increasing the value of our pre-tape and making your work easier.

Additionally, we offer a quality tape adherent spray that boosts the effectiveness of our pre-tape. This spray enhances adhesion, ensuring the tape stays put during the most demanding activities.

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    JC-3 Sports Skin Spray – 6oz. Aerosol

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    JC-4 Trainers Pre-Tape Spray – 6oz. Aerosol

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    JC-5 Quick Drying Tape Adherent / Spray

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    JC-6 Podiatry Pre-Tape / Spray

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    JC-6 Podiatry Pre-Tape Spray – 6oz. Aerosol

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    RALS Benzoin Spray – 6oz. Aerosol

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    Tape Remover