JC-6 Podiatry Pre-Tape / Spray


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A safe taping base for sensitive skin conditions. Positive adhesion under ambulatory conditions… even under severe physical strain or activity. Holds corrective strappings and elastic wraps firmly and securely in place. Facilitates easier tape removal.

JC-6 Podiatry Pre-Tape is an effective, protective film for sensitive skin conditions. It forms a dense, breathable barrier and separating medium between the strapping and the skin. The strapping will not loosen because of perspiration or extreme exertion or flexing. When properly applied before strapping, it forms a colorless film bond which remains safely effective for as long as required.

IMPORTANT … Allow to dry thoroughly (30-60 seconds). Carefully apply strapping in the proper configuration for the desired application.

NOTE … Spray the entire outer surface of the strapping with a light film to provide a water resistant surface for moderate breathing.

This product DOES NOT CONTAIN: 1,1,1-Trichloroethane, Methyl Chloroform, nor Methylene Chloride.

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