Hydrofluoric Acid 48%, SEMI


CAS Number: 7664-39-3

Molecular Formula: HF

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Business/School Purchase Only.  DOT: Hydrofluoric acid solution, 8 (6.1), UN1790, PG I. Inhalation Hazard

Hydrofluoric Acid 48% SEMI – High-Purity Solution for Specialized Applications

Unlock the potential of Hydrofluoric Acid 48% SEMI, a premium-grade solution meticulously formulated to meet the exacting requirements of specialized laboratory and industrial processes. With its high purity and controlled concentration, this hydrofluoric acid solution offers unparalleled performance and reliability for a wide range of applications.

Key Features:

  1. Exceptional Purity: Our Hydrofluoric Acid 48% SEMI is produced using advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure exceptional purity, minimizing impurities and contaminants for consistent and reliable results.
  2. Controlled Concentration: With a precisely controlled concentration of 48%, this solution provides optimal efficacy while minimizing the risk of unwanted side reactions, allowing for greater control and accuracy in your processes.
  3. Versatile Applications: From etching and cleaning silicon wafers to glassware etching and metal surface treatments, Hydrofluoric Acid 48% SEMI is suitable for various laboratory and industrial applications where high-purity hydrofluoric acid is required.
  4. Laboratory-Grade Quality: Designed to meet stringent quality standards, our Hydrofluoric Acid 48% SEMI is ideal for use in research labs, semiconductor fabrication facilities, and other high-tech industries where purity and performance are critical.
  5. Safe Handling: Packaged in secure containers with safety seals and clear labeling, our hydrofluoric acid solution is easy to handle and store, ensuring safe usage in accordance with best practices for handling hazardous chemicals.

Trust Hydrofluoric Acid 48% SEMI for superior performance and reliability in your specialized applications. Experience the difference that comes with a premium-grade solution backed by our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Order now and elevate your processes with Hydrofluoric Acid 48% SEMI.

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