Semi Grade Chemicals

Semi or electronic-grade chemicals are fundamental in various high-tech industry applications, primarily in producing semiconductors and electronic devices. These chemicals undergo rigorous purification processes to achieve the high purity levels required for precise manufacturing environments. Semi-grade chemicals play a crucial role in preventing contamination by providing ultra-high purity levels that exceed conventional industrial-grade chemicals’ standards.

When you need semi-grade chemicals for research and manufacturing purposes, trust Post Apple Scientific. We carry a wide variety of the most common electronic-grade chemicals, including acetic acid, acetone, hydrogen peroxide, and more. Browse our full selection of semi grade chemicals below to find the materials you need for your laboratory or manufacturing facility’s applications.


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  • Acetic Acid, Glacial, Semi/Electronic Grade

  • Acetone, Semi

  • Ammonium Hydroxide, Semi/Electronic Grade

  • Hydrofluoric Acid 48%, SEMI

  • Hydrogen Peroxide 30%, SEMI

  • Isopropyl Alcohol, SEMI

  • Nitric Acid 70% SEMI

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    Phosphoric Acid 85% SEMI/Electronic Grade

  • Sulfuric Acid SEMI