Have you ever wondered why certain types of alcohol fall under the list of ingredients in some cosmetics products? For example, ethyl alcohol offers many benefits to manufacturers and beauty products. Keep reading to learn how cosmetic companies and the industry use ethyl alcohol in their products.

Cleaning Properties in Skincare

Ethyl alcohol acts as an astringent that cleans the skin, which is why it is an ideal ingredient for many skincare products, including cleansers. Ethyl alcohol promotes clean skin by killing microorganisms that could be lurking on the skin’s surface. Common microorganisms that impact skin health include fungi, bacteria, and viruses. However, ethyl alcohols in cosmetic cleansers and other products target these microorganisms to promote clean, healthy skin.

Adhering Properties Promote Long-Lasting Makeup

Adhering properties are particularly important for makeup and skincare formulations, which many consumers wear daily and expect to last all day. High-quality makeup products last longer on the skin and support all-day wear. Ethyl alcohol helps with the adhesion process, promoting longer-lasting makeup that looks better on the user. Its adhesion properties also apply to hairspray, helping the material adhere to the hair and provide a long-lasting bond.

Prevents Formula Separation

Another benefit of using ethyl alcohol in cosmetic formulations is that it promotes the adhesion of ingredients and prevents formulas from separating. This anti-separation helps products look better on shelves and apply more effectively on the skin. Product separation can cause some products to lose their effectiveness, so it reduces inventory waste.

Benefits of Ethyl Alcohol in the Cosmetic Industry

Most alcohol ingredients in cosmetics are in the formulation for the benefit of the product and the consumer. As previously mentioned, ethyl alcohol improves shelf life and product performance. It is also sustainable and non-ecotoxic. While some consumers worry about the irritating effects of alcohol in cosmetics, the fact is that most companies use it in safe and effective quantities that avoid causing skin irritation.

Above are some of the benefits of ethyl alcohol and how the cosmetics industry uses it as an ingredient. You can find ethyl alcohol for sale at Post Apple Scientific if you’re interested in using this solution for your cosmetic formulations. We supply a variety of solutions, solvents, and more to a wide range of industries, including cosmetic manufacturing.