Print a label from any RS232 Scale or Balance, Supports Precisa GLP reports, Thermal – Quiet, Fast, Compact, Lightweight, Fexible Format – 24, 32, 42, 48 Characters per line, Allows Paper and Label Media, Paper to Label Change – Seconds – No Calibration, Direct Thermal Roll Printer – No Ribbon Required, Continuous Label Roll – Tear or Cut to Size, Adhesive – Moderate – Not Permanent, Removable and Replaceable – Again and Again, Chemically resistant to common lab solvents, Built-in Self-Test Setting and Diagnostic Printout, Power/Feed Button for on/off, Test, Paper adv., LED for Status – Power, Setting, Monitor, Fault, Includes: 100-240VAC (50-60Hz) Power Suppl (US Plug), Serial Cable with DB9F Connector, Roll of 2 1/4” (58mm) OTP-200 Label Media, Roll of 2 1/4” (58mm) OTP-200 7 Year Paper, Free Shipping