Have you ever wondered about the applications and uses of certain chemical compounds? Zinc chloride is a chemical material that has a wide range of applications and shows up in many resources we use daily, namely food products. Keep reading to learn how zinc chloride is used in food production.

What Is Zinc Chloride?

Zinc chloride is an inorganic chemical compound. It often appears in a white or colorless crystalline form and is solid at room temperature. Because it is crystalline, it is highly soluble in water. While forms of this chemical compound can be useful for disinfecting and cleaning, the food processing industry also uses it in various ways.

How Is Zinc Chloride Used in Food Production?

Food processing plants use zinc chloride in a range of applications. Food companies mainly use this chemical compound as a preservative, although they also use it when making processed products. Some common processed products in which you can find zinc chloride include breakfast cereals, snack bars, and even cheese. This product is also common in baked goods, including muffins and bread. Zinc chloride reduces the deterioration of yeast in baked goods, which causes unsightly white spotting. It has many more uses, including extracting sugar from molasses, emulsifying sweets like chocolate, and coloring food products.

Benefits of Using Zinc Chloride

Because many food processing companies use zinc chloride as a preservative, it helps extend the shelf life of many foods. You can often find this chemical compound in products, such as canned tuna and other canned meat products, to prevent spoilage. Zinc chloride also protects the consistency of foods, such as ice cream, contributing to its shelf life and quality.

These are just a few of the many ways zinc chloride is used in food production. If you’re experimenting with food production or own a food processing plant, you may need a steady source of chemical compounds such as zinc chloride. Fortunately, you can find zinc chloride for sale here at Post Apple Scientific. We offer a wide range of products that aid food processing and other applications.